Chimichurri burgers

This summer has been the most unusual. Usually Finnish summers can be quite cool with a warm spell sometime in July. Sometimes the warm spell lasts a couple of weeks sometimes more, and some years it only makes an appearance for a few days. This year the warm spell started in May and has continued […]


I had always wanted to go to California, ever since Carole and Jerry had moved there 28 years ago. And finally the dream came true. Carole is my Gramma’s sister. You would definitely notice their similarity if they were to stand next to each other. They have a very definite resemblance and their voices are […]


My bucket list of places to see in Stockholm seemed to just grow after visiting there. Three days was clearly enough to whet the appetite. We did have the opportunity visit some restaurants and the old market hall or Saluhall in Östermalm and Rosendals Trädgård, a beautiful garden center with a lovely café and bakery. […]