There is always a first time

She was so excited to go try it out for the first the time. Skating was something that the big kids do and our two year-old likes to do everything they do. And maybe because she is so independent by nature, she is usually quite successful. That day it was sunny and cold and we […]

The smell of honey and clover and the sound of kisses

I found this poem that tells of the magic of scents and smells of a new little miracle. The original language is in Finnish but below is a rough translation. “Tuoksussa tässä on outoa taikaa. Miten voi tuoksua yhtä aikaa: hunajalta, apilalta, suukkojen mäiskeeltä, rakkauden räiskeeltä, talvelta ja kesältä, pikkulinnun pesältä?” There is a curious […]