A Father’s day to remember

This past Sunday we celebrated Father’s day in Finland. For our family this was an extra special occasion as the whole family is anxiously waiting for our twins to arrive, even though there is still many weeks to go and they won’t be arriving until March. It was a surreal moment when we found out. […]


Perhaps if my life had taken different turns, I might have become an urbanist. I definitely could imagine it, as I’ve spent my childhood in a city and have always loved the atmosphere of a large city. Everything does not need to be too polished as often the oldest of structures has a story to […]


As the season turns from one of brights yellows, reds and oranges the colors fade towards shades of grays, browns, and purples. Even my yellow mums turned purple as the cold nights arrived. The autumn here was a beautiful one, with quite little rain making for vibrant colors. Sometimes the fall rains arrive very early […]