I’m a thirty-something young woman and for the past several years I have been doing product development for coffee shops and bakeries. It really is my dream job. I decided to start this blog to share some of the little pleasant things in life. It partially is my job as well. Coffee shops are all about creating an atmosphere that is an extension to our living room.

I grew up in Golden Valley, Minnesota and have lived in Finland for over ten years. My product development work joins American tastes and textures with a nordic twist. The USA has always offered inspiration with its vast amounts of foods coming from different cultures. Here in Finland organic and eco-friendly foods are prevalent trends. I have been rediscovering the simple ingredients from Grandmother’s pantry that lost their glamour in the 70s, 80s and 90s and have been using them in new ways. Some of my current favorite ingredients are turnips and beetroots.

Some projects that I am working on or have previously worked on include: Product and concept development with Fazer Bakeries and Restaurants August 2012 to present, start-up company Coffected 2012, Planning and launch of the Rye Muffin with Aschan and Wayne’s Coffee, in Finland January 2011. Crock Pot cook book for Finland in cooperation with Jarden Consumer Solutions April 2011, numerous wedding cakes for happy couples and the authoring of a cook book that is a work-in-progress.

Sometimes the best ideas come from others. If you have an idea or product that you would like me to try send me an email at laila.uljas@gmail.com or leave a message in the comment section.

Photos on this page are by NOAH photography 2012