Oh, Mr. Sun, Please shine down on me

The winter Sun in Finland tends to be a bit moody and even stubborn with a mind of his own. He will at times shine down in beautiful splendor turning the landscape into winter wonderland, but for the most part it stays hidden behind the clouds. Until Spring arrives. Come March, and the Sun starts making an appearance nearly daily, suggesting that soon the white landscape may turn into first brown and then into a spring green.

Oh, Mr. Sun, Sun
Mr. Golden Sun
Please shine down on me.
Oh, Mr. Sun, Sun
Mr. Golden Sun
Hiding behind a tree.
These little children are asking you,
To please come out so we can play with you.
Oh, Mr. Sun, Sun
Mr. Golden Sun,
Please shine down on me.

This song and first or second grade music class came to mind today when Mr. Sun finally made an appearance. The last time it appeared was a week ago on Saturday, just peeking for a bit from behind the clouds. The time before that, I could not even recall. Even though I have had some sort of a flu bug and my voice sounds like a bassoon I bundled up well and went out just for a bit with my camera in hand. Today has been a beautiful day. As I write, the sun is descending in the horizon like a bright orange ball of fire throwing up a reflection up into the sky somewhat like the reflection that it makes over the surface of a lake. There are hues of pink and purple in the sky lining the clouds.

snowy field

By no means, am I suggesting that you should become a mood-eater just because the sun does not shine, but with temperatures dipping today to a -9 C/15.8 F today the Cinnamon Roll Cake below seems like the perfect match with a cold winter day. This could be a celebratory cake since the sun did decide to come and play today. If you happen to have a case of the sniffles, it is even a more perfect match as you soak in the rays through the window.

cinnamon roll cakeCinnamon Roll Cake

This recipe is from my good friend Jess and we have both tweaked the recipe making it not so sweet. Even now, it has plenty of sweetness. The filling and glaze below is half of the original amount, so for a sweeter version double the filling and glaze.

4.7 dl/ 2 c flour
2.4 dl/ 1 c raw sugar/granulated sugar
(I used half raw sugar and half granulated sugar)
1/2 tsp baking soda
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
3 dl/ 1 and 1/3 c sour cream or Greek yoghurt
150 g/ 5.3 oz softened butter
1 tsp vanilla extract or sugar
3 eggs

Mix the dry ingredients and wet ingredients in separate bowls and then combine. Pour into a lined 23×33 cm or 9×13 inch pan.
cinnamon roll cake dollops
Cinnamon Swirl

85 g/3 oz softened butter
0.8 dl/ 1/3 c brown sugar
1/2 tbsp flour
2 tbsp cinnamon

Mix all the ingredients together. Place evenly dollops of the swirl filling on the batter. Use a knife to make swirls.
cinnamon swirls
Bake in the oven at 190 C/375 F for about 18 minutes or until a test skewer comes out clean.
Allow the cake to cool for about 10 minutes. Make holes with a fork and add glaze.


2.4 dl/ 1 c powdered sugar
2 tbsp milk
1 tbsp coffee
1/2 tsp vanilla extract or sugar

Drizzle and lightly spread over the cake.
bella in the winter sunSo glad that Mr. Sun decided to come out today.


  1. So sorry to hear that you are sick…really rough when the weather is so inclement. I’m sure this wonderful cinnamon roll cake must have made you feel better immediately…it brightens my day just looking at it! I must make this for my husband next weekend. He adores cinnamon rolls and I would adore this version that is less sweet.

    1. I’m on the mend now and feeling much better. I had not had a single cold or flu all fall and so I guess it was it’s time! Glad to have that checked off my list 😉 I’d love to hear how the cake works out for you if you get a chance.

  2. I can imagine those grey days. We have a lot of those these days.

    This recipe looks pretty good and perfect with coffee. I’ll save this for future reference. 🙂

  3. I used to love that song as a little kid. I would play my Raffi cassette tape over and over again! Sorry to hear that you are feeling a little under the weather. Your cinnamon cake looks scrumptious. Looks like a cinnamon roll but without all the work of messing with yeast and everything!

    1. I was singing the song to the kids today(my voice still sounds like a bassoon) and making up my own words and inserting their names in…they were just about falling over with the giggles! Maybe I should just act goofy more often! Yes, the recipe is quite easy and it also freezes quite well. And I’m feeling much better today!

      1. It is dry heat with hot winds. Frightening, with the constant fear of bushfires. There was one nearby yesterday and I had to evacuate all the visiting teenagers who were swimming in my pool. Oh for a touch of your cold.

  4. Really hope you are feeling better, and with little or no sun to warm you it can be hard. I think that cake would certainly make me feel better, there is something so comforting about cinnamon and mixed with sugar and baked into a moist cake is super delicious.

    1. I’m definitely feeling much better now, thank you! We had another sunny day today, so I’m feeling rather lucky. 🙂 I love the scent of cinnamon and sugar as it fills the house.

  5. I always like the Mr. Sun song. We have a very shy sun here too in Washington State and since I work in an elementary school I do get to hear the children singing this song often. Lovely. Love your cinnamon roll cake.

  6. The cake looks delicious, and the photos are beautiful. I can identify with your longing for the sun… grew up in Ohio in the USA where it can be grey for days and weeks on end in the winter. Lovely post.

  7. beautiful post, and yes that first image is really special! even though i am officially stuffed from on-the-road cuisine, that recipe sounds wonderful, and i could probably eat half of it in one sitting!

    i’ll be sure to plot your location for the full moon flower drop on thursday! z

    1. Thank you so much–as I came home this evening the moon was full or nearly so and it certainly brightened the white landscape since there were no clouds in sight. And yes, if the cake sits on the table it is quite enticing!

  8. I hope the little bit of sun and a piece of your cinnamon roll cake made you feel a little better. I think I would enjoy your recipe and like that you added a little coffee to the glaze.

    1. Thank you so much for the well wishes. I’m feeling so much better now and ready for normal life instead of laying on the sofa. But I’m sure the few days of rest were quite needed.

      1. I’m so happy to hear that you are better. I agree that the rest probably did you a lot of good as did your cinnamon roll cake. 🙂

  9. I am definitely a mood-eater! And it’s a good thing I don’t have your cinnamon roll cake in my home because today is a dark and gloomy day. I would eat the whole thing! 🙂

    1. Yes, I know it is so easy to just take a little nibble here and then a small piece and a little later a nibble again. But fortunately it can be frozen…out of sight, out of mind! 🙂

    1. It has been beautiful; we have had five consecutive days of sun! That is more than we had in the previous month 🙂 The months of late winter is a beautiful season with the bright blue skies and clean white landscape. Thanks for stopping by Sophie.

  10. I can only imagine how beautiful Finland must be on those rare days when the sun does shine! I’ve never heard that song, but I must google it! Here in Colorado the sun is almost always shining, but the wind off the mountains and the icy temperatures are so cold that it’s hard to enjoy. I hope you’re finally on the mend and have your voice back! The cake sounds delicious. It would definitely cheer me up! -Rebecca

  11. Though I’m now living in a country with four seasons but I will never get to experience what you have described in this post. Nothing beautiful except grey skies everyday. This is such a lovely cake. I can imagine tasting it while walking on the snow fields 🙂 warmly, danny

  12. We’ve been enduring a scary heatwave, so I’m really happy for Mr Sun to cast his warmth on the Northern Hemisphere for a while! Hope you’re feeling better. Beautiful-looking cake.

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