First Snow and Crock Pot Lamb

The forecast called for snow and I did have a few doubts that we might actually see a few flakes in the morning. The sun was shining and everything looked like it was sugar-crusted. My Godchild however, was very sure that it would snow. I told the kids that a forecast is a prediction and sometimes the weather does not follow the forecast. I could tell that they did not really listen to me, they were so excited to see the first flakes and had wonderful plans of what all they would do once the snow fell. It was about minus 5 degrees Celsius in the morning.

Sugar encrusted landscape
Before the snowfall

Sure enough my Godchild was right. A few hours after the bright morning sun the sky clouded over and soft snowflakes started falling.

My husband had spent the previous evening butchering our summer lamb that had grazed on our neighbors field with their lambs. We had quite a few pounds of fresh meat on hand. Most of it was put into the freezer but the ribs we decided to put in our Crock Pot for the night. It actually worked out great to have dinner halfway finished. I had a 2 kg bag of starchy potatoes in the fridge and peeled them all for mashed potatoes. Since it was a cold day I decided to make a warm vegie side, turnip fries. Or that is what I called them when the kids asked me what they are.

Sautéed turnip fries, carrots, celery and onion

I sautéed the vegetables in some olive oil, a little balsamic vinegar, black pepper, a little freshly ground chili flakes and a sprinkle of sea salt.

Peeled spuds

Dinner included mashed potatoes, “turnip fries”+ a few other vegies, slow-cooked lamb and a lingonberry sorbet to go with the meat.
The lingonberry sorbet I have learned from my Mother-in-law. It is simple to make and a perfect way to use the tart berries. Using a wand mixer or a food processor purée about 1 cup/2.4 dl of frozen lingonberries and 1/4 cup/ 0.6 dl sugar (or more if preferred) until a sorbet is formed. I usually mix in a few whole berries in to give it some texture.

Recipe for the Crock Pot lamb (this recipe is very simple but it works)

Ribs of one lamb

1 liter/4.2 cups of water
2 tbsp sea salt (mix until dissolved into the water)
Garlic minced
Black pepper
Place all ingredients into the Crock Pot and set the timer for ten hours on low.

First snow

We got a little snow, not enough for winter wonderland but enough to make the roads and landscape a little whiter and brighter. I did not have to coax the children outside, they were eagerly filling their sand toys with snow and making “snow soup”.

Swans taking flight
Evening sun


  1. How beautiful everything looks : )
    I love the grazing of the snow and the crock pot lamb; delicious!!

  2. Love these photos, and the lamb recipe. This sounds like something even I could do. We have some lamb to use up, and I just don’t have many lamb recipes. This one is getting copied down right now!

  3. The crock pot is my best friend this time of year. Don’t you just love coming home to the wonderful smell of home cooking? I wish I could make this, but I’m afraid my husband won’t eat lamb (which is one of my favourites). I love your “before the snowfall” shot…what a beautiful picture.

    1. Yes, I definitely do enjoy of food that “prepares itself” 🙂 You can try this recipe with other meats as well, it works wonderful with game. Lamb does divide people, you either love it or you don’t!

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