Rustic Knots with Dandelion or Nettle

by tableofcolors

Field of wishes
I believe it was my Cousin that once posted on facebook a comment by a child that stopped me to think that everything really depends on perspective. When driving past a field of Dandelions that were in the white seed head stage, her son had exclaimed, “Look Mom, a field full of wishes!” It brought Dandelions into a new light since they are often hated, pulled out and sometimes poisoned.
Dandelions actually have many nutrients including, Vitamin A, C, K, Calcium, Potassium, Iron and Manganese. Sometimes in the spring I have picked the leaves of the new Dandelion flowers, rinsed them off and patted them dry and then placed them in my vegetable dehydrator. They dry quite quickly. After they are dry I have crumbled them and stored them in little mini grip bags. The recipe below uses dried Dandelion or Nettle in the bread dough. Nettle is also a natural superfood that contains, Vitamin A and C, Iron, Potassium, Manganeses and Calcium.
rustic knots

Rustic Knots with Dandelion or Nettle

6 dl/2.5 c warm water
1 50 g/1.8 oz block of fresh yeast or a sachet of dry yeast 11g/0.4 oz
1.5-2 tsp fine sea salt
1 generous tablespoon of brown sugar
4.7 dl/ 2 c oatmeal
0.6 dl/ 1/4 c sesame seeds
2.4 dl/ 1 c rye flour
about 7 dl/ 3 c wheat flour
1/2 dl/ 0.2 c dried and crumbled dandelion or nettle
1/2 dl/ 0.2 c olive oil

Sea salt flakes for on top of the knots

This amount works great in a stand mixer but it will work fine if kneaded by hand. The dough is intended to be a bit sticky so that the rolls are moist on the inside after baking.
Pour the warm water into the mixing bowl. Add the yeast, sugar and salt. Mix until dissolved. Add the oatmeal and allow it absorb the water for a few minutes. Next add in the sesame seeds and rye flour. Allow the mixer to knead for a few minutes so that the flour has time to absorb the liquid. Next add in half of the wheat flour. After it has been thouroghly mixed in, add the dried Nettle or Dandelion.
Add the rest of the flour in parts and finally knead in the olive oil. Allow to rise so that the dough is double the size. Today I let my dough rise nearly three hours when I was outside with the kids enjoying the sun.

Pour the dough on a flour dusted surface and form little “hot dog” shaped dough strips which can be easily made into a simple pretzel-like knot. Don’t worry if they are not perfect. The oven usually makes everything look better!
Place them on a lined baking sheet, brush with water and sprinkle with the sea salt flakes. Allow to rise and bake for about 12 minutes at 225C/435F.


knots and butter