Big Ben
Big Ben

People walking with a clear destination in mind, in a rapid pace but not quite a rush. This was my first impression of London, a city with a population of over 8 million. It was nice to be able to join the stream of people and feel the beat of the city for a few days which is quite different from my everyday life. After all, I am a city girl in my heart even if I now live in the country. Since this trip was for business, our days were quite full and we did not have the opportunity to tour the usual attractions. Those will have to wait for another trip. But even so, it was interesting to see a little glimpse of English life and their way of politeness.

I was surprised to observe that in central London I did not encounter any grocery stores. I found out later that many order their groceries online and have them delivered to their home. Many bakery-style coffee shops served as little kiosks as well offering fresh fruits and breads as well as soups and salads for those who needed a quick bite.

Many coffee shops had walls that would be rolled up even during the cold season and often outside a shop there might be a table of breads or sweets for sale.

Borough Market
Borough Market
Fruit and vegie stands
Fruit and vegie stands
Bread for sale
Bread for sale
You came into mind Milja when I saw this little shop...
You came into mind Milja when I saw this little shop…
Communal tables
Communal tables

Many places had communal tables. It was like bringing the kitchen table into a public space for everyone to share.

Hot chocolate from Paul A. Young's
Hot chocolate from Paul A. Young’s

We were lucky enough to stop in the Paul A. Young shop in Soho and taste the 100% Aztec hot chocolate with no sugar. It was incredibly sweet and tasted wonderful.

Admirality Arch and Charing Cross
Admirality Arch and Charing Cross
St. Paul's Cathedral by night
St. Paul’s Cathedral by night

mottoThis was my souvenir and I was thinking to adopt it as my motto for those hectic days: “Keep calm and carry on.”


  1. Stunning post in pictures and your style of writing. I adore the little shop and communal tables. I love your souvenir! Keep calm and carry on; love it!

    I hope you don’t mind if I reblog your link on my reblog page?

  2. Enough to whet the appetite…for another trip one day? Hopefully a productive time also. Fun to see the pix. Great souvenier, I think I need to adopt that motto right now! Thanks…

  3. You managed to take some really beautiful photos on you work trip! Glad you were able to take in a few sites — and bring us along too! I alwayss bring back food as souvenirs too. I would love to try that Aztec hot chocolate.

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