The Nordic fell in Northern Sweden

Last week was a first for me. I was able to participate on a hunting and a week long hiking trip with my husband and another couple that are close friends and two dogs. One the way up north we stopped at the Storforsen falls. I posted a picture of the falls(here) from one of my husband’s trips that took place in August. This photo is of the falls in the winter.

Storforsen falls

I have been along for shorter day trips and for a weekend but this is the first time that I was able see and explore the nordic fells. From afar they appear to be small rolling mountains. We saw many reindeer and each morning we saw moose on the road or in the forest nearby as we drove to our destination. I believe we had twenty-three moose sightings in the mornings. I saw moose tracks frequently when walking in the woods but maybe we were being too loud, I never saw a single one when actually walking in the forest. I’m not sure if I would have actually wanted to meet one up close and personal. They are large, majestic animals that seem to magically disappear into the forest when they take off in a sprint. We also saw many Willow Grouse outfitted in their snow white feathers that would quickly fly to a new location. They generally do not fly long distances and so we saw many tracks on the freshly fallen snow.

Moose on the road

The first day turned out to be a great work-out. We spent the day on a nordic fell. We were at about 800 meters above sea level and there was an abundance of snow. The snow came up to our knees and at times up to our waists. The weather rapidly changed throughout the day and times we got heavily snowed on with strong winds and at other times the sun came out for a bit. When the sun was behind the clouds the scenery was very black and white.

Black and white scenery
The pointing dog
A peek of sunshine

It turned out to be the completely relaxing vacation for the ladies. I think the gents were so happy to have us along that they pampered us the whole week. Every morning breakfast would appear on the table and when we returned to the cabin in the afternoon or early evening they would fix us dinner and heat the sauna for us. It was like having Mother’s day for a week.

We left the cabin a little after 8 am and by 9 we would be exploring the forest. Sometime between noon and one we would stop for a bonfire and lunch. Sometimes we roasted sausages or heated up ready made sandwiches over the bonfire or cooked up a piece of cured ham. For dessert there was coffee and chocolate. The chocolate tasted wonderful when you are burning up lots of energy. After lunch we continued until about 3 or 4 pm.

Enjoying life and roasting a sausage for a simple lunch

Part of the reason why the trip was so relaxing was that I knew that our kids were in good hands. Gramma had come for the week, and since she has many more years of experience with children than I do, I knew that they would do fine at home. In addition to taking care of the kids, the cupboards were cleaned, the fridge had been washed and all the laundry done when we arrived home. It was the perfect Christmas gift for me. Maybe now I won’t stress with the annual Christmas cleaning ordeal.

Road over the ice
The beautiful morning sun

So much to be thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


  1. You look perfectly comfortable roasting your sausage in the woods, Laila:) Beautiful to see your pictures, thank you…Gramma

    1. You could never guess based on the photo that I grew up as a city girl 🙂 and that I was totally comfortable having the dogs along as well! One I’ve known since he was a pup and the other is really mellow.

  2. Beautiful and brilliant pictures! I am so glad you enjoyed a getaway! You work hard and definitely deserve it. The scenery is remarkable. I especially loved the camp fire pictures, the beautiful morning sun, and a peak of sunshine. Thank you for taking the time and sharing them with all of us!!

    1. Thank you so much! We had waited for the trip for a long time and certainly enjoyed the opportunity to have a breather. And it is always nice to come home again to the little ones!

    1. The wilderness was peaceful as well. We did not meet a soul when walking in the woods. Occassionally we would hear the flutter of wings or the clucking sound they would make.

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