Weekly Photo Challenge: Happiness

This post is not a traditional post. It is a gallery of happiness. When I think of happiness, I think of kids. They are genuine and they often see the joy in the little details of life. I heard on the radio a little while back that children laugh 300 times a day and adults only 4. Whether this number is actually true I’m not sure but I’m quite sure kids laugh a lot more than adults. And laughter is contagious. I think I laugh more now than I did before I had kids.

I am prone to rushing about and being or appearing to be busy. Sometimes the little ones stop me and tell me, “Now you can take pictures of us” as they did the time I took the balloon photographs. My camera slows me down too, to notice a moment or a little detail that I might have missed otherwise. Maybe that is why I enjoy blogging so much is that I stop to enjoy the moment on hand and share it with others.

Enjoy these photos of summers passed and hopefully they will bring a smile to your day.

Homemade ice cream
Ice cream party
The last days of summer


  1. Dearest Laila, it is SO FUN to receive your table of colors post….you have wonderful food and wonderful pictures of your family, your home and the country around you!!!! I absolutely enjoy having you touch my life…..we are just tooooooooo far apart—-so this is the next best thing!!!! Love you honey,
    Auntie Carole

  2. Makes me wish my boys would get married so I could have some grandbabies to spoil. Oh well, we do the rent-a-kid thing, and go spoil other people’s kids and grandkids. Loved these photos!!

    1. Let’s hope that someday you will have grandbabies to spoil 😀 even though I’m sure your rent-a-kids appreciate your attention. We have an elderly lady (previous neighbor) that is like a gramma for our kids since our grandparents are so far away and our kids really appreciate her!

      1. Isn’t it wonderful – I get to be the ‘other mother’ to several kids, and now the ‘other grandmother’ to THEIR kids! So glad your kids have their ‘other gramma’ close by.

  3. That bit of info/data re adults children smiling 300 times a day and adults 4 times, if that, is kind of staggering actually, isn’t it? Gives one pause. This post made me happy and a big smile. Smiles count too! 🙂

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