Who killed the Cow?

Who killed the cow?

Ever had one of these days? The milk gets spilled and someone makes creative art out of the puddle of milk.

No use crying over spilled milk!

When I was little, whenever someone took the last cup of milk from the carton, someone would be sure to say, “Who killed the cow?” If I remember correctly, I believe it was our Uncle Kevin who taught us the saying. I wonder if they still use the saying.

On some days the last cup of milk is spilled, the entryway is full of shoes, windows and mirrors are full of fingerprints and the kids have been very creative. On those days fast food is essential. Below is one option that is not only fast but healthy. And it was my Uncle Kevin who gave me few pointers to making an omelet when I was about fourteen years old. It has become a “fast food” staple in our house.

Does your entry ever look like this?

Fast Food: Omelets
Step 1: Pull out all of the vegetables in your fridge.


Step two: sauté the vegetables. Start with the vegetables that need a longer cooking time. When using spinach, parsley or other fresh herbs add them in last. Sauté the spinach and parsley for about thirty seconds to minute. This prevents them from becoming limp.

I usually start with the zucchini, onions, garlic, paprika, and cellery (occasionally turnips, which are wonderful sautéd).

Step 3: Set vegies aside

sautéed vegies

Step 4: I usually make a two egg omelet, which I divide into two for the kids. Mix two eggs and a tablespoon of water in a glass with a fork. Pour on to frying pan and cook on low heat. Add a spoonful of sautéed vegetables and a little grated cheese. Fold omelet into thirds.

Mix two eggs and a tablespoon of water with a fork.

Step 5: Serve with sautéed vegetables.

Omelet with sautéed vegetables


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