The smell of honey and clover and the sound of kisses

I found this poem that tells of the magic of scents and smells of a new little miracle. The original language is in Finnish but below is a rough translation. “Tuoksussa tässä on outoa taikaa. Miten voi tuoksua yhtä aikaa: hunajalta, apilalta, suukkojen mäiskeeltä, rakkauden räiskeeltä, talvelta ja kesältä, pikkulinnun pesältä?” There is a curious […]

The woodland strawberry (Fragaria vesca) and other simple pleasures

The woodland strawberry or metsämansikka in Finnish, is like nature’s candy, growing on roadsides and on the sides of ditches. This little berry has a bit of nostalgia. We filled and decorated our cake with them when we got engaged on St. John’s thirteen years ago. The perfect start for the day. Muesli, nuts, 1/2 […]