A Princess with Eye-whiskers

Happy Valentine’s to all of you dear readers. The children wanted something to make the day special and at first I wasn’t quite sure what that something might be. We ended up cutting out large paper hearts out of paper and taping them on the wall. Each heart had a name of a family member. Everyone could in turn go and write a message or draw a picture. I think that this might become a new tradition for our family. It’s great bonding and costs no money and really, I don’t think we pass out compliments enough as it is.

valentine collageYesterday with the help of the little ones we made chocolate whoopie pies. Click here for the original recipe from gifts.com. The original recipe calls for red food coloring. I usually do not use food coloring but I did follow the recipe and put 2 tablespoons in, but ours did not turn out red. Since I don’t have an official whoopie pie pan, I used the fairy cake/madeleine pastry baking tin that I found from the flea market last summer.

valentines day whoopie pies

Follow the instructions for the whoopie cakes in the link. The recipe made 15 whoopie pies. I found that they became rather rounded and the top side was not quite as smooth as bottom side. I cut the tops off and filled them as well, that way everyone was able to have seconds if desired. The tops just weren’t as cute as the bottoms but they tasted just as good.

Whoopie filling
1 tub of marscapone 250 g/8.8 oz
1 dl/1/2 c of Turkish or Greek yoghurt
powdered sugar to taste

Whip the marscapone cheese just enough so that it is softened. Combine with the yoghurt and add in the sugar. I prefer filling is not too sweet.

powdered sugar heartsbella valentineMy little valentine Bella was so excited about the hearts. She was the first one to start decorating them and I happened to have a package of completely new washable markers in the cupboard. She is living the princess stage and I think it is so sweet as she wears her little pink ballerina tutu dress as her pyjama every night. Perhaps she sees princess dreams at night. She did spend a good hour or so drawing the princesses for everyone. She told me that all her princesses were given “eye-whiskers”. Might you guess what they are? Happy Valentine’s!


    1. Yes, I think perhaps kids enjoy it more than adults. Maybe it is because they don’t any expectations of romantic notions that sometimes adults might have. I really enjoyed receiving all of Valentine cards are school…it was a nice break in the routine in a winter that sometimes seemed to stretch on forever.

    1. Thank you Francesca…I think we all enjoyed. The kids kept working on the hearts all weekend and now they are just filled to the max with hardly any white space at all 🙂

  1. Happy Valentines Day to you and your family, I love the idea of the wall of hearts, it’s such a wonderful way to show your love for each member of the family. I also love your red velvet whoopee pies. They look delicious,

    1. Thank you Suzanne. I was surprised how involved the kids got into the heart project. They worked on them still the next day. I haven’t had the heart to take them down yet as they are quite colorful and full of a variety of hand-writing or artwork. 🙂

    1. One of my other girls would gladly wear a tutu everyday as well. I loved playing dress-up and all of the make-believe games we would create when I was small…it was the best! I bet your daughter would be just pleased if you dressed up for a day with her 🙂

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