Breakfast at Gramma’s

by tableofcolors

When one lives so far away from close family and friends it is easy to become nostalgic about the “old country.” Occassionally my sister and I will reminisce about Breakfast at Gramma’s. In addition to being able to spend some quality time with Gramma and Grampa, I think a part of the appeal comes from non-hurried pace of the morning. It starts with a cup of coffee and checking the latest online news and newest facebook updates. Next we will have a bowl of whole grain cereal with blueberries, some sliced bananas and pecans. And then for dessert another cup of coffee, maybe a couple slices of oranges a popover or a scone. This all happens without glancing at the moving hands of the clock.

My usual morning starts at seven and is a process of waking up kids, fixing them breakfast and doing french braids and ponytails and hurrying them out the door. And while I wouldn’t change my current life for anything having breakfast at Gramma’s is special little mini vacation.

Grampa Jim sent me his Cranberry Walnut scone recipe and some photos to go with it. Enjoy them with a slow weekend breakfast or brunch and imagine that you are sitting at your Gramma’s house.

(Please excuse the variation in the font size…I tried all my tricks without being successful!)

cranberry scone

The simple recipe is:

225 g/9 0z flour

3 teaspoons baking powder

1/2 teaspoon salt

2 tablespoons sugar

dry ingredients and butter
mix dry ingredients and then add
110 g/4 oz. butter (cold)
pea size pieces
cut the dry ingredients an butter into pea sized pieces. Add 2.4 dl/1 cup milk being careful to not over mix.
Next fold in 2.4 dl/1 cup cranberris and 1.8 dl/ 3/4 cups walnuts.
cranberries and walnuts

Divide unto a papered sheet and bake at 220 C/425 F for about 16 minutes.


Serve hot with apricot jam. If you happen to have left overs stick them in the freezer and warm them up another morning in the oven at 160 C/325 F. Enjoy!
baked scones